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How Google’s Search Works: A Visual Presentation

Image from Flickr by Duncan Hull

Do you know how Google’s search works? I knew, kind of, but not exactly how it worked. And it’s something I use every day. So, it’s not unimportant to actually know how it works. Take a look at this link and see Google explain what happens behind the query page.


Understanding the Future of Media

Today I am studying the first lecture of the Coursera course Understanding Media by Understanding Google. Some interesting thoughts by Jeff Jarvis on Google and new media, distilled in 2009, but they are still relevant for thinking about the future of media. Find the rest of the post here.

“The mass market is dead, replaced by the mass of niches.”

“We have shifted from an economy based on scarcity to one based on abundance. The control of products or distribution will no longer guarantee a premium and a profit.”

“Enabling customers to collaborate with you—in creating, distributing, marketing, and supporting products—is what creates a premium in today’s market.”

“The most successful enterprises today are networks—which extract as little value as possible so they can grow as big as possible—and the platforms on which those networks are built.”